FOCUS AMP 12-20Hz 45 Minutes Day Session Ocean Waves Edition

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Ocean Waves Edition - Isochronic tones with ocean waves sound in the background. The ocean waves repeat every 12 seconds. Used as a rhythm for breathing (e.g. 3 sec in - 3 sec hold - 3 sec out. 3 sec hold), the ocean waves support and promote a calming and relaxing mood.

Active Frequency - SMR 12Hz - Beta 20Hz

Day Session - means whenever you need to increase your concentration during the day.

Duration - 45 Minutes



This isochronic tones brainwave entrainment program is designed to increase and train your ability to concentrate. If you're easily distracted or your ability to concentrate is slipping, it's time for the FOCUS AMP session.

In the first half of the program, the isochronic tones stimulate the brainwaves in the SMR range of 12-15Hz and then slowly move up to 20Hz. Towards the end you return to the SMR range.


For people who are easily distracted or suffer from concentration problems. With regular use also suitable for permanently increasing the ability to concentrate.


Headphones required - even if it's possible with speakers, headphones are strongly recommended.

Listen while you do mental work - you can listen to the isochronic tones program while you study or do other mental work that requires concentration. Or you can consciously sit or lie down and listen to the program to train your concentration skills.

Eyes can be closed or open - what seems to make more sense for you at that moment.

Choose a pleasant volume - the volume should be chosen that way that the tones, while audible, are not heard loudly. Focus your attention on your mental task. Active listening to the program is not necessary.


FOCUS AMP 12-20Hz 45 Minutes Day Session Ocean Edition